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SMASH . . . CRASH . . . WRECKING BALL! Dig into construction sites and building machines in this fun addition to the acclaimed Abrams Block Book series.

In this sturdy board book, young readers are introduced to more than 24 construction machines. From wrecking balls and dump trucks to forklifts and cherry pickers, this book showcases an impressive number of different machines, their names, and their functions.

Like other books in the Block Book series, 
Buildablock features die-cut shapes on every spread and has several durable, interactive fold-out pages, perfect for little hands. Watch as a city forms right in front of your little construction worker’s eyes: flip up one page to reveal a sky crane lifting a giant container of equipment high into the air; flip another page down to highlight the path of a tunnel borer deep underground. With bright, animated, retro-inspired artwork by Peski Studio, this is a must-have book for the little truck lover in your family.

The construction machines included in this book are: wrecking ball, bulldozer, grader, skipper, excavator, dump truck, tunnel borer, paver, roller, road striper, bridge builder, crane, pile driver, trencher, pipelayer, forklift, sky cranes, cherry pickers, and more!