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Our Story


Khanh is a children’s clothing brand created by Khanh Hogland. We enjoy creating timeless and stylish pieces for your little ones. We ensure that the details matter – from each stitch on our handmade pieces all the way down to the packaging it’s delivered in, it’s all made with love and intention. In addition, all of our designs are hand made in our studio that is located in United States.


With a background in Fashion Photography and Graphic/Web Design, Khanh became keen on the insights of the industry trends as well as how fashion should be presented. Because of how much Khanh grew to love the industry, actually making the clothing just seemed like a natural transition.

After the birth of her first child, Amelia, she was given her first sewing machine by her mother in law. She wanted to design clothes for Amelia. In the beginning Khanh created hair bows for Amelia, because she couldn’t find classic and dainty bows that she really liked.

After buying a lot of material and making several for Amelia, she had leftover material. So she opened an online retail store and listed the extra bows to sell. This allowed her to work from home to help make extra income for the family. The brand started out small as a bow shop that slowly expanded into children’s wear. Thus, Khanh was established.