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Drawing Cartoons from Numbers and Letters

Cartooning can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 and ABC! Using material from Drawing Cartoons from Numbers and Drawing Cartoons Letter by Letter, Christopher Hart teaches children a fun way to create 125+ characters.

Start with the basic number 4 and then turn it into a kooky bird or a kid in a panic. Or take an L and see it become a zooming, flying superhero. With his step-by-step demonstrations, Christopher Hart gives kids an easy process for creating cartoon characters like animals, dragons, and robots . . . and for building their reading, writing, and number recognition skills too. Hart uses the numbers 1-9 as well as multi-digit numerals, and upper- and lower-case letters from A-Z. It's creative fun at its best!


          • Ages 5 - 10 years